511: Student Fundraising

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.

This policy regulates the fundraising activities by the School District staff and School District sponsored student groups and organizations.

The School District recognizes the need for fundraising to enhance the resources in support of programs for students.

The Superintendent or designee must ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place to prevent fundraising activities from becoming too numerous and overly demanding on employees, students, parents, and the community and the activities do not detract from the academic climate or learning.


A. “Student group” or “student organization” is a group or organization, whatever its organizational structure or title, comprised of one or more current district students in which the membership is limited to a current district student and any district assigned advisor.

B. “District sponsored” is a student group or student organization that is:

1. is directly related to a class offered by the district (i.e. music, journalism, art, or choir);

2. receives funding directly from the district;

3. has a teacher or other district employee assigned to and overseeing its activities.

C. “Student Activity” is a program, presentation, fundraising activity, or other event, conducted or sponsored by a district sponsored student group or organization. Student activities must comply with Chapter 14 of the Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards.

D. “Fundraising activity” is any program or vent conducted by or on behave of a student group or student organization that has the primary purpose of raising money for the use of a student group, student organization, or to pay for any part of a student activity.


The following principles shall guide the school district in review of requests for fundraising:

A. All activities must be consistent with the mission, beliefs, and ethical principles of the School District, with specific attention given to maintaining and supporting equity and innovation.

B. Revenue received from fundraising may be used for enhancements to the instructional and co-curricular programs of the School District.

C. Products and services that are sold must be age appropriate.

D. The Board will direct the administration to develop regulations regarding fundraising on a periodic basis to ensure it does not negatively impact the instructional day of the student.

E. The use of students to communicate announcements regarding fundraising, unless approved by the building principal and sponsored by the local PTA or Booster Clubs, is discouraged, especially for elementary age students.


A. It shall be the responsibility of the building administrators to develop recommendations to the superintendent that will result in a level of activity deemed acceptable by employees, parents and students. Fundraising must be conduced in a manner that will not result in embarrassment on the part of individual students, employees, the school or district.

B. All fundraising activities must be approved in advance by the administration. Participation in non-approved activities shall be considered a violation of School District policy.

C. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to provide coordination of student fundraising throughout the School District as deemed appropriate.

D. The School District expects all students who participate in approved fundraising activities to represent the school, the student organization and the community in a responsible manner. All rules pertaining to student conduct and student discipline extend to student fundraising activities. Guidelines for student participation must be developed and communicated to parents and families.

E. Student participation in fundraising activities must be on a voluntary basis. A student’s refusal to participate in the fundraising activity shall not preclude the student from participating in the activity the fundraising supports.

F. Online fundraising platforms that generate monetary amounts/awards, rather than delivering school supplies/goods, are not permitted. Online fundraising platforms that are school/classroom supply-based must receive proper approval by the Superintendent or designee.


Fundraising revenues must be accounted for and reported in compliance with UFARS. An annual report shall be made to the School Board by the superintendent regarding the scope and amount of the revenues.


Adopted: February 15, 2001
Revised: November 2004; March 29, 2007, April 23, 2015, May 21, 2019


Building principals and/or program directors will be responsible for managing fundraising within their school/program. Each principal/program director will:

A. Review the terms of this policy and ensure that the fundraising activity meets the policy terms.

B. Present the fundraising activity to the superintendent or designee and seek approval.

C. Determine, in conjunction with the superintendent or designee, if the fundraising activity requires School Board approval.

D. Verify with the Business Services department that the financial arrangements comply with UFARS.