354: Program Consultants

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.

When knowledge or technical skills are needed that cannot be provided by persons on the staff, consultant assistance may be considered.

All consultant contracts $10,000 and above will be approved by the superintendent or designee prior to the initial meeting between the District and consultant. Any proposed contracts with consultants will be submitted to the Board for approval, and will be accompanied by figures showing the estimated cost of the consulting project to the District before the services commence (unless extenuating or exigent circumstances exist).

Consultants who serve the district will exercise no authority over the work of the employees of the District, but will act only as advisers in the field in which they are qualified to offer assistance. All supervision of employees remains in the hands of those to whom such responsibility has been delegated by the superintendent.


Adopted: May 9, 1985
Revised: February 20, 2014, April 18, 2017

Reviewed: October 26, 2021