253: Board Member Compensation and Expenses

Policy reflects Minnesota statute and aligns with other District 270 policies.

Board members will be compensated according to the rate of compensation established in the annual organizational meeting.

The Board encourages its members to participate in appropriate conventions, conferences, workshops, seminars and similar meetings. Participation in such meetings is to be coordinated with the Board Chairperson and members are to be compensated for expenses incurred. Itemized claims for reimbursement carrying expense documentation should be submitted to the superintendent for processing in accordance with the provisions of Policy 214.

When an approved meeting is not attended by the full Board those who do participate will be requested to share information, recommendations, and materials acquired at the meeting.


Adopted: July 10, 1980
Revised: February 28, 1985, February 18, 2010
Reviewed: November 20, 2014, March 6, 2018, October 5, 2021