Student Voice: Ezana Tedla

Ezana Tedla looks at the camera.

Ezana Tedla’s hard work has paid off. The Hopkins High School senior received a full four-year scholarship to Yale University through QuestBridge National College Match. He was one of 1,464 high school seniors who were awarded a full four-year scholarship and admission to top colleges.

“I was pretty shocked when I found out, but it is exciting to go to a school I have never been to. It has taken a lot of time for me to process my acceptance, and I’m still at times in disbelief,” Tedla said.

Tedla is a leader of the debate team at Hopkins, has participated in Quizbowl, and helps with tutoring in his spare time. He has not yet decided what he wants to study in college, but regardless of what he decides, one thing is for certain — his drive and his work ethic will take him far.

Q: Why is Student Voice important?
Learning requires active participation from both students and teachers. When we elaborate on what we think and believe, we truly grapple with the topic.

Q: What advice do you have for other Hopkins students?
Find what you excel at, and relentlessly pursue it.

Q: How has Hopkins prepared you for your future?
We have lots of opportunities at Hopkins to pursue whatever interests we have. I have learned that you have to pursue what is available and delve deeper in your interests.

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