Senior Spotlight: Isaiah Schmitz

Portrait photo of Isaiah Schmitz.

Isaiah Schmitz began his Hopkins path in elementary school at Meadowbrook. Next year, he plans to attend North Dakota State University where he will study mechanical engineering.

Favorite Hopkins memory?
In ninth grade, I had Mr. Frederick as my gym teacher. He and I would challenge each other to various things. One day I challenged him to a crab-walking race. We lined up and raced up to the halfway point of the structure and back. I absolutely smoked him, and I think he might’ve tumbled a couple of times. Either way, it was a ton of fun and a very fond memory.

Favorite club/activity/sport?
Mountain biking. Outside of Hopkins, my favorite sport is bouldering.

A staff member who has impacted you?
Ms. White helped foster my love for learning in school back in the fifth grade. There was one book project that I had put off because gymnastics was my whole life. Ms. White was understanding yet firm in telling me I had to complete the project. She worked with me to get it started and pushed me to finish it. The experience sparked my drive to be a good student, and I am grateful for her guidance.

How has Hopkins prepared you for your future?
Hopkins has taught me good financial literacy, offering a wide range of engineering courses, and honestly, having a network of teachers that care about you and strive for you to succeed.

Advice for next year’s seniors.
If you or your parents haven’t already, start saving your money for college now. It may seem far away but trust me—time flies and pretty soon, college will be right around the corner.

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