LAC Advocacy: Contact Legislative Leaders and Local Legislators

Over the next several days, House and Senate Leadership will be working to establish funding targets, including how much funding will be dedicated to schools for the next two years. It is critically important that they hear from guardians, community members, school leaders about the importance of investing in our local schools.

Key Message: Invest $750 million in public schools and link school funding to inflation.

Stable, predictable funding will allow schools to invest in programming and staff to meet the needs of each and every student. $750 million in funding will allow for increases in critical areas including:

  • Increasing the number of teachers of color and American Indian teachers;
  • The first increase in English learner funding in 18 years;
  • Two percent annual increases in basic per pupil funding;
  • Continuation of early learning investments in Voluntary Pre-kindergarten;
  • Mitigate the impact of the COVID related enrollment decline;
  • Special education funding to keep pace with cost increases;
  • Support to address the mental health and social and emotional needs of our students.

Please tell your legislators and legislative leaders why these investments are important to you and please include the total of $750 million over current law in your message.

When you contact your local State Senator and Representative, ask them to urge their legislative leaders to agree to a $750 million budget target for education. 

Contact House and Senate Leadership and Conference Committee Members

Please make it a priority to contact Speaker Hortman and Majority Leader Gazelka.