Hopkins High School scholar developed Chinese Summer Camp

Elementary students and two high school students sit on steps and smile for photo.

For a couple weeks in the summer, Mia Flavin taught Chinese to elementary aged Chinese immersion students in her backyard. Flavin, a XinXing Academy graduate and current Hopkins High School sophomore, created the Chinese summer camp when she was in sixth grade.

It was Flavin’s younger sister who inspired the start of the summer immersion program. Flavin’s sister is enrolled in XinXing Academy and Flavin knew there was a need to practice language skills during the summer.

“It’s really easy to just forget anything you’ve learned throughout the school year without practicing it, so I think doing the camp makes sure that kids can still practice their Chinese and remember it for the upcoming school year,” Flavin said.

Flavin developed a curriculum with her cousin, Karenna Johnson. They chose themes for each day of the camp and developed activities based on those themes. They even organized different activities and incorporated Chinese culture. For a two-week period, Chinese immersion students could practice their Chinese in an academic setting led by students who have been through the program themselves.

The summer camp has been a great opportunity for current XinXing students, but it has also challenged Flavin to use her language skills. Flavin said 2021 was her last year of managing the Chinese camp because she plans to apply for a study abroad program in China next year that will put her language skills to the test.

Chinese Immersion Camp from Hopkins Public Schools on Vimeo.