Dr. Nolan selected as Gatewood Elementary’s next principal

Hopkins Public Schools is pleased to announce that Dr. George Nolan has been named the principal of Gatewood Elementary. Nolan has been serving in the role of interim principal at Gatewood since the fall of 2020 due the retirement of the previous principal. 

“We are incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Nolan leading here in Hopkins,” said Stephanie Herrera, director of principal leadership.”Not only does Dr. Nolan come to us with substantial experience in education, he is also a passionate leader focused on high quality service to students with vigilant equity at the core.”

Nolan’s service this year as an interim principal allowed Gatewood to experience his people-centered focus and commitment to Hopkins’ Vision 2031 work. After a thorough review of his interim work, colleagues and staff provided solid support for a permanent appointment. This decision was based on the results and relationships Nolan has provided for both the Gatewood and Hopkins community.

“I am extremely humbled to join the Hopkins team. The 2031 strategic vision and respect for Dr. Mhiripiri-Reed’s leadership attracted me to Hopkins,” Nolan said.

Nolan has 16 years of administrative experience including seven years as head principal. He is a skilled and compassionate leader with a high level of integrity. He is committed to creating and implementing strategies that will fuel community commitment and involvement, mobilize a highly-effective educational delivery system and produce a consistent track record for educational excellence. Throughout his career, Nolan has focused on developing community vision, including multicultural perspectives, and adopting best practices in teaching and evaluation. 

Nolan has a Doctorate of Educational Leadership from the University of North Dakota and a certificate in sixth-year licensure in educational leadership and administration from St. Cloud University. He also has a master of science in sociology from Minnesota State University and a degree in political science from Southwest State University.

Nolan is the father of three boys ages 31, 21, and 18. The two youngest boys attend colleges on academic and athletic scholarships. Nolan began his role late this summer and he is looking forward to leading Gatewood into its next chapter.