State and Federal Budget

Funding a school district is expensive and our students are worth every dollar. Public schools receive their funds from state and federal budgets. The district has established various funds in accordance with Minnesota Department of Education requirements. Our total district budget is roughly $158M. Approximately 74% of that is our General Fund which is roughly $116M.

District Budget Breakdown and Usage

ESSER Funding

School districts received federal Covid relief dollars in 3 waves. Hopkins was allocated a bit more than $11M and spent it on various critical items including PPE, ventilation upgrades, technology, hot spots for families, paraprofessionals and other staff who supported distance and hybrid learning, building VirtualEDU which is now in year 2 and various other efforts to support students and families during the pandemic. We are grateful for these stimulus dollars, however are now in a position to make sure we sustain new staff and programs without finding ourselves on a fiscal cliff.

ESSER Funding Uses:

  • ESSER I: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Ventilation Upgrades, Technology, Positions to support hybrid and distance learning.

  • ESSER II: Counselors, BILT and Leadership team collaboration, Summer Opportunities, Additional Instructional Paras, Update Technology Equipment, Increased collaboration time for teachers and direct classroom mental health support.

  • ESSER III: Online School (VEDU), Retention Stipends, Flexi-Friday Transportation, Family Liaisons, Maintain Workforce, Expand substitute options, Expansion of successful programs.

Stimulus (One-Time) District Allocation Spending Deadlines:

  • CRF (CORONAVIRUS RELIEF FUNDS): $1,966 million | December 31, 2021

  • ESSER I (CARES Act): $1,005 million | September 30, 2022

  • ESSER II: $2.686 million | September 30, 2023

  • ESSER III (ARP Act): $6.033 million | September 30, 2024

ESSER I/CRF: $2, 972,296; ESSER II: $2,644,359; ESSER III: $6,033,842