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Reimagining what school could and should be, rather than holding on to what it currently is. 

Hopkins Public Schools is in its second year of a two-year process to right-size our General Fund budget and transform into a system that operates in complete alignment with the strategies, programs, and approaches that will produce the best outcomes for students.

We are looking holistically at our budget to better understand how programs or departments could or should intersect with one another. Our system was originally built in silos to support an industrial economy. It will take time and tenacity to break down these silos and rebuild an interdisciplinary system that fully aligns to the values of Vision 2031. While budget reductions are a challenging reality, we also see opportunities to connect programs, innovate, and stay true to our vision.

It is our fiscal responsibility to look ahead more than one year and work collaboratively with all of our stakeholders to determine our budget path for the 21-22 school year.

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"To reimagine our schools is to think not about what is, but what’s possible. To think beyond bell times and grade levels, to see learning happening anytime and anywhere. Reimagining school is dreaming ways to continue virtual learning for those who need it, as well as personalizing learning for every scholar." - Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed 

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Budget Engagement Sessions

The Hopkins School Board hosted four virtual sessions around the budget to explore the topic of how we might do differently with less and reimagine schools from the ground up. Each session was virtual and recorded. You can view them by clicking on the links in the blue box on the right. Community members could submit questions for the Board and Hopkins leaders to consider prior to each session. The questions we were not able to get to are listed below in a FAQ format. 

Questions from the Public

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Short-Burst Spring Reimagine Teams

Short-Burst Spring Reimagine Teams - 6 weeks in length

This spring, several staff members, parents and community members participated in 6-week virtual Reimagine teams to reimagine our schools and how we might do differently with less.

These advisory teams will use research, stakeholder engagement and innovative thinking to build their recommendations. The seven short-burst opportunities include: 

  • Canvas Content & Collaboration

  • Summer Learning, Online Learning

  • Scholar Pathways

  • Scholar Success Metrics

  • Enrollment

  • Space and Place

    Recommendations from the task forces can be found at the video on the right. 

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Doing Differently with Less

2020 Budget Information