Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl team tops in the state

December 11, 2008

Hopkins North Junior High's (HNJH) 7th grade Quiz Bowl team earned first place in the Minnesota Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, sharing that top honor with two other schools.

About Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a scholastic, computer team competition. The computer contest consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, covering math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information and trivia. Points are awarded based on how fast team members answer the questions as well as accuracy.

Team Members

Quiz Bowl team members are Margaret "Maggie" Abel, Jesse Benedict, Dolan Cassidy, Phoebe Cohen, Alina Dain, Barrett Davis, Ethan Friedman, Joshua Gallop, Janus "Libby" Harris, Duncan Hazeltine, Kaley Inman, Jasper Johnson, Zachary Johnson, Roxy K., Marshall Lang, Chun P "Kelvin" Li, Michael Lieberman, Thomas "Tom" Longar, Gretchen Muus, Alexandra "Alex" Rudelius, Mason Shadle, Annie Share, Jordan Shear, Miranda Smith, Stephanie Strifert, Trenton Tagessen, Kyle Terrell, Kayla Van Batavia, Christina Van Dellen, Ian Vaughan, Steven "Steve" Wiechman, and Emma Willard.

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