Ahoy, matey! Friendly pirates take over during Tanglen musical

Tanglen Elementary fifth- and sixth-graders put on a performance for their fellow classmates March 2, telling the tale of friendly pirates in search of, well, friends!
March 03, 2017

Friendly pirates converged upon Tanglen Elementary March 2, as the fifth- and sixth-grade classes put on a raucous musical called, “Pirates! The Search for Hidden Treasure.” 

Eye patches, sword fights, even a pirate ship and a lost island set the scene for a musical about the search for treasure. Stranded and with a broken wheel, the pirates spot land and come across what they believe to be an uninhabited island. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, the pirates start assembling a musical. Little did they know, island dwellers were watching. 

The pirates and island inhabitants strike up a conversation and discover commonalities between one another. Then, they notice the treasure map began pointing inward. Together they realized the treasure was inside each person and friendship was the key to unlocking it.

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