Tanglen celebrates summer with Books and Balloons

Tanglen Elementary students and principal Jim Hebeisen enjoyed an afternoon at the Ridgedale Library reading books and participating in a water balloon fight.
August 06, 2019

Tanglen Elementary Principal Jim Hebeisen had some summer fun with his students on August 2 at the Books and Balloons event at Ridgedale Library. 

In an effort to encourage students to read over the summer, Tanglen partnered with Hennepin County Library. Every time a student visited the library, they picked up a “Tanglen Balloon Buck,” which they were able to turn in at the event to participate in the water balloon battle.

Students started the afternoon by selecting books at the Ridgedale Library, playing with a variety of games, and getting their face painted. Principal Hebeisen also read aloud to the group.

After reading a few stories, the group walked outside for an incredible water balloon fight. There were more than 530 balloons thrown in the battle that lasted about five minutes “so you can imagine it was quite epic,” Hebeisen said.

The partnership was a great way to engage the community through a fun and reading-focused event.

“Hennepin County Library system has been excellent about coming to our school every year to talk about books, and this activity is just another way to reach out to the community to find ways to build those connections,” Hebeisen said.

Hopkins News Archive