Retirement Celebration 2020

The Hopkins School Board will host a virtual Retirement Recognition during the June 2 School Board Meeting.
May 29, 2020

This year, 29 employees are retiring from Hopkins Public Schools. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are not able to celebrate in person. Even though we can’t come together physically, the Hopkins School Board will host a virtual Retirement Recognition on June 2 at 7 p.m. during the School Board Meeting. The Retiree Recognition will be the first item on the agenda. 

The recognition will be streamed live on YouTube at this link:
We hope you will be able to join us. 

Retirees, please fill out this short questionnaire about your time at Hopkins Public Schools as soon as possible. We will use this information to inform the virtual celebration and also to compile your biography, which will be posted on our website. 

Who is retiring?

Jean Bury
Clerical, Attendance, and Athletic Secretary — West Junior High

Patty Brennan
Kindergarten Teacher, Math Curriculum Building Lead, and Teacher Mentor — Glen Lake

Sarah Chamberlain
Media Paraprofessional — Hopkins High School

Mark Czech
Music Technology Educator, Guitar Educator, and Trap Team Head Coach — Hopkins High School
Orchestra Instructor — Eisenhower/XinXing

Gayle Durand
FACS Teacher and ProStart Coach — Hopkins High School

Susan Easton
Facility Use Coordinator and Sales & Marketing Manager — Hopkins Conference & Event Services

Dr. Greta Evans-BeckerP
Principal — Meadowbrook

Cheryl Forse
Parent Educator — Early Childhood Family Education

Angela Hart
Parent Educator — Early Childhood Family Education

Stacy Hirschi
General Worker, Cook, and Caterer — Student Nutrition

Sharon Holle
Office Clerk — Tanglen

Colleen Johnson
Special Education Paraprofessional — Hopkins High School

Joan Klinger
Paraprofessional - ABE  

Suzy Lane
EL Teacher — Tanglen

Timothy Larsen
Associate Principal — West Junior High

Sr. William Lewis
Spanish teacher at WJH

Steve Lynch
Performance Operations and Technical Manager

Nancy Mark
Kindergarten Paraprofessional — Meadowbrook

Patty O'Reilly
Sixth Grade Teacher — Glen Lake

Al Price
Physical Education Teacher and Wrestling Coach — Hopkins High School

Kathy Rezac
Sixth Grade Teacher — Meadowbrook

Terry Sharratt
Special Education Teacher 

Sara Speicher
Technology Services 

Dane Stavlo
Custodian — Alice Smith

Joan Stole
Nurse — Tanglen

Bernadette Thomson
Special Education Teacher — West Junior High

Mary Townsend
Administrative Coordinator — North Junior High

Marilyn Tursich
Special Education Paraprofessional — Alice Smith

Roberta Whitman
Special Education Teacher — Tanglen

Theresa Wynn
Program Supervisor — Kids & Company 

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