Research paper published in professional journal

September 05, 2008

John Sammler, a science teacher at Hopkins High School and the Off Campus Program, recently had his master's project article, "Population Trends of Tundra-Nesting Birds at Cape Churchill, Manitoba, in Relation to Increasing Goose Populations," published in The Condor, a peer review scientific journal. The Condor is considered one of the top two professional bird journals. International bird experts and ecologists read and use the data in The Condor to inform their own work and to provide information for further bird studies.

Master's thesis and research

After completing his master's degree in wildlife conservation at the University of Minnesota, Sammler then revised his master's thesis into a format necessary for academic research publication with assistance from his master's adviser David Andersen and data collector Sue Skagen. For his research, Sammler went to Churchill, Manitoba, for four summers to collect data and conduct bird diversity surveys on the tundra. He was specifically interested in answering the question: How do massive snow goose overpopulations affect the population levels of all other birds in the area (were other bird populations being harmed or endangered from the presence of this one overpopulated species)? Sammler's paper details the full study of the scientific problem, experimentation, results, and data analysis from these results.

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