West Junior High mural reveals a message of kindness and inclusion

The mural was created by staff, students, and the larger community and prominently displays the words “all are welcome here.” It represents kindness and inclusion, both core values at West Junior High.
January 18, 2019
All are welcome here

When you walk into West Junior High, one message is abundantly clear — all are welcome here. A new mural prominently displaying those words was revealed to the community on Thursday, Jan. 17 at an unveiling event featuring student entertainment, refreshment, and an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

The brightly colored mural, which was made from a combination of mosaic tile and paint, is the first thing people see when they enter the building. The mural was designed by Good Space Murals based on input provided by students, staff and parents at the beginning of the school year about what makes West a great place. These groups also decided the placement of the mural, what size it would be, and the mediums included. Based on that feedback, Good Space presented a sketch concept to students and staff, who made final recommendations. The mural was then assembled and painted by families and teachers during conferences as well as students through an after-school residency.

West Junior High Principal Dr. Leanne Kampfe wanted to create a bold piece of art that represented everyone in the school community. Having multiple people contribute to the completion of the mural allowed a unique space for different members of the school community to work in collaboration.

"I wanted to create an opportunity for our entire community to come together and create something that is reflective of our school," said Kampfe. "I hope our students feel represented by the mural, as they had the chance to provide input into what it looks like and to help create it."

The agenda for the night included student performances by the Royal Jump Club and two musical performances as well as a brief overview of the creation process from Good Space Murals. The mural, which was hidden behind a giant curtain was revealed to everyone in a final ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Mural - WJH

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