Minnetonka firefighters teach elementary students fire safety

Gatewood students learned about fire safety with the help of two firefighters who stopped by the school Dec. 18.
December 20, 2018

Students at Gatewood Elementary learned about fire safety when two firefighters stopped by on Dec. 18 and 19. Sara Ahlquist and Jim Lundeen, from the Minnetonka Fire Department, taught the Kindergarten, second-grade, and fourth-grade classes about fire safety, severe weather, and calling 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Lundeen brought in some of his firefighter equipment and put on his gear so that students could see what a firefighter might look like in the event of a fire. They engaged in a question and answer session while Lundeen practiced putting on his fire gear, including air mask, air pack, and helmet.

After students learned that they should only call 9-1-1 for emergencies, Ahlquist let them practice by setting up simulator. Students dialed the number and were prompted with questions like “what’s your name,” “what’s your address,” “what did you learn today,” and more.

The presentation by the Minnetonka Fire Department is part of their public education program. The programming is designed to be stimulating, interactive, age appropriate, and personal.

Minnetonka Fire visits Gatewood

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