A Message from the Future

Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed takes a peek into the future and prepares a special message for this year's kindergarten class, the class of 2031.
November 01, 2018

Dear Hopkins class of 2031,

Congratulations on your 13-year learning journey in Hopkins Public Schools! If there is any group of young people ready for the world, it's you. We are so proud of the intellectual risks you have taken to develop into students of the world.

As a group of scholars, you have demonstrated many of the qualities higher education institutions and employers told us were critical for success. You are critical thinkers who use empathy to solve complex, human-centered problems to make a difference in the world. Because you've been educated in a setting that is racially, linguistically, and religiously diverse, you are truly ready for cross-cultural, transnational life experiences. You've developed global-mindedness in your ways of thinking. Many of you are multilingual, and 100 percent of you are well-traveled. We're especially proud of the confidence you display in describing what problems you care about across this world.

Class of 2031, your community cares about you! They invested in a bold vision that has shaped your educational experience. When you were in kindergarten, your learning behaviors and actions were directed by a teacher. Now, educators' roles have evolved to engineer learning experiences that students engage in at unprecedented levels of ownership and self-directedness. Students decide what and how they're going to learn, how they'll demonstrate mastery, and how they'll enlist help or support along the way.

Our hope for you, class of 2031, is that how we've prepared you for the world directly impacts the quality of your contributions to the world. This should be true because in Hopkins, girls' achievements exceed society's expectations. In Hopkins, the achievements of scholars of color far exceed society's expectations. In Hopkins, we have erased income and racial predictability from student outcomes. In Hopkins, our scholars outperform students from around the nation and world.

We are so proud of you, class of 2031! Congratulations on your remarkable achievements!


Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed
Superintendent of Hopkins Public Schools 



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