Meet your Minnesota State tennis champs in Class AA Doubles

Hopkins High School seniors Maddie Suk and Rachel Kelly became the 2018 State Doubles Champions at the state tournament Oct. 26.
December 05, 2018

Hopkins High School seniors Rachel Kelly and Maddie Suk are the new Class AA Doubles Tournament champions. Kelly and Suk had a good tennis season playing singles, but it was playing doubles together at sections that got them to the state competition.

Pressure and nerves set in after making it to state. Neither Kelly nor Suk had been to state before, and with it being their final year in the Hopkins uniform, they really wanted to do well.

“Playing the final match of the state tournament was nerve racking, but after losing the first set, we knew that we just had to relax and have fun,” Kelly said.

A flip was switched and the girls began to pull ahead taking advantage of every point that they could. Momentum was on their side, and they played the next two sets more relaxed. On the final point, the girls had to play as if it were any other point. When the ball ended up on the other side of the net, Kelly said she was rushed with emotions of relief and excitement, but Suk said she was surprised.

“Winning the last point was so surreal to me because I honestly didn’t know it was match point,” Suk said. “When Rachel told me we won, I was shocked and super excited.”

Becoming State Champions was just the cherry on top of their high school tennis careers, Kelly said. The girls are thankful for the love and support of their parents, friends, and teammates who were in the stands. With tennis season over, Kelly and Suk are looking forward to their future. They both plan to play tennis in college next year.

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