Meadowbrook gathers for annual service night Nov. 16

Students, staff, families, and community members shared a recent Friday evening together doing good for others.
November 22, 2018

Meadowbrook Elementary hosted its seventh annual service night Nov. 16. The event has become a cherished tradition as students, staff, families and community members gather to do good for others.

About 400 people attended the service night. Attendees worked 14 separate service stations ranging from writing letters to veterans and making blankets for babies to separating dog food and decorating bags for Meals on Wheels. The Golden Valley firefighters were also in attendance handing out batteries for smoke alarms and helping community members practice CPR.

Meadowbrook principal Greta Evans-Becker said the event is a favorite in the school community.

“It is a wonderfully popular night for our families to come and do good things for our people and animals near and far,” Evans-Becker said. “We are already looking forward to our next one.”

Event Totals

  • Donations to PRISM
    • 157 bags of toilet paper
    • Many boxes of toiletries sorted
    • 460 zip lock bags filled with diapers
    • Cases of baby wipes
    • Several hundred bags with laundry detergent measured
  • 200 care bags assembled for homeless persons
  • 60 letters written to veterans
  • 180 pounds of dog food for rescue dogs
  • 80 notes written for Print the Love
  • 150 birthday gift bags
  • 50 bags for Meals on Wheels decorated
  • 19 Thanksgiving cards
  • 105 tied blankets for NICU babies
  • Money raised to purchase at least one goat for a child in Africa
Meadowbrook Service Night 2018

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