Introducing our 2020 School Board!

It’s a new year, and a new school board. Four board members were sworn in at the January 7 meeting. The board also decided its leadership positions for the next year.
January 08, 2020

Four school board members were sworn in at the January 8 board meeting by the Honorable Judge Carruthers. Steve Adams, Shannon Andreson, Katie Pederson, and Tanya Khan took an Oath of Office in the presence of friends, family and colleagues. Adams is entering his third term, and Andreson, Pederson, and Khan are newly elected. Each term is four years long.

The Board also organized itself for 2020. Jen Bouchard was named Board Chair, Chris LaTondresse was named Vice Chair, Shannon Andreson was named Clerk, and Steve Adams will continue to serve as Treasurer. Each leadership position was decided by an unanimous vote.

2020 Hopkins School Board

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