#HopkinsStrong Relief Fund

We are pleased to announce that the Hopkins Education Foundation (HEF) has come through in a big way for our school district and has agreed to host a crowdsourcing campaign through May 15.
April 17, 2020

We are #HopkinsStrong. In times of crisis, Hopkins Public Schools consistently come together to benefit the greater good. We are pleased to announce that the Hopkins Education Foundation (HEF) has come through in a big way for our school district and has agreed to host a crowdsourcing campaign through May 15.

We are calling this campaign the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund. All proceeds will go to Hopkins Schools to alleviate the budget impacts in Community Education, Early Childhood, and School Nutrition due to COVID-19. These donations will allow us to support frontline workers. While preventing layoffs has become unavoidable within the District, with your donation, Hopkins has the ability to increase opportunities for students and recall staff from layoffs.

There are only a few days left for us to hit our donation goal of $200,000. Every bit helps. We are very grateful to share that as of today we have raised $110,195 from a total of 504 donors. Over the weekend we met a $10,000 match (88 donors raised $12,155!) generously provided by an anonymous donor! We are over halfway to goal of $200,000. Together we can get there. You can contribute to the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund online or through the mail. Here is how it works:

 1. Online Donation: The #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund campaign will accept financial gifts online. 

Donate Online

2. Mail Donation: You can also donate via mail by sending a check to: Hopkins Education Foundation, with “For #HopkinsStrong Campaign” written in the memo line. Send checks to: HEF, 1001 Highway 7, Suite 243, Hopkins, MN 55305. Any questions? Call the District Offices at 952-988-4000.

You can also contribute to the Relief Fund by ordering a #HopkinsStrong T-shirt and #Hopkinsstrong lawn sign. Learn more.

Boom Island Brewing Co. and Station Pizzeria are teaming up to help with #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund. Purchase beer and take-home pizza kits for orders picked up on Friday, May 15 from 12-8 p.m. A portion of sales will go to the relief fund.

Orders can be placed anytime through May 15 at 7 p.m.

What to do:
1. Purchase beer & pizza together online for curbside pick-up at: boomislandbrewing.com.
2. In the Notes Section write: #HopkinsStrong / Friday pick up
3. Pick up your order at Boom Island Brewing anytime on Friday, May 15.

Donations are hosted and administered by HEF, which—as a foundation—will not benefit from #HopkinsStrong donations. HEF will act as a temporary fiscal agent to collect and disburse donations to the District for the benefit of Hopkins Public Schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations to Hopkins Schools are tax-deductible and follow tax accounting procedures in consultation with CliftonLarsonAllen tax advisors.

How will your donation be used? With your donations to the #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund, Hopkins Community Education and Early Childhood programs will:
  • Provide child care tuition assistance to help families in need and deliver child care to children of healthcare professionals and emergency workers;
  • Deliver greater access to Distance Learning resources to support our parents and communities of English Learners; 
  • Extend mental health and wellness support for students and families; 
  • Advance community outreach and volunteer efforts. 
Your donations to #HopkinsStrong Relief Fund will also help our School Nutrition program:  All children between the ages of 0-18 are eligible to receive free meals during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hopkins School Nutrition department will use donations to expand the Free Meal Program, which prepares and delivers meals to students. 

We know not everyone is able to financially contribute at this time; COVID-19 has placed additional stress and strain on many. 

Thank you, Hopkins staff, for banding together to help fight the unfortunate consequences of this global pandemic. We’re stronger together, and together we can get through this. We are #HopkinsStrong!

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