Hopkins XinXing Academy alum to represent U.S. at international Chinese proficiency competition

Ninth-grader Alexandra Koullick is one of two American students to participate in the international Chinese bridge proficiency competition later this fall in Beijing, China.
July 18, 2017

Alexandra Koullick is going international.

The now-ninth-grader and graduate of Hopkins’ Chinese immersion program XinXing Academy is headed to the international Chinese bridge competition later this fall in Beijing, China. The competition brings together the talents of students from around the world to test their proficiency in the Chinese language and culture.

Koullick, who attended the XinXing program through elementary school, was awarded this opportunity after competing in and winning the regional competition in Indiana in May. She is one of two Americans who will be representing the United States at the competition in Beijing.

“Alexandra grew up in this program,” said retired Hopkins teacher and co-founder of the XinXing program Zhining Chin in a recent article. “Her knowledge of Chinese also increased, as well as her curiosity of the Chinese culture and Chinese history. She impressed me in many perspectives.”

And her passion for the language goes beyond just the classroom. Koullick competes whenever she can. While at the inaugural Minnesota Chinese Speech Competition in April, she received the New Rising Star Award and earned second place overall in the grades nine through 12 category. Chin said she has high hopes for Koullick and that her hard work is “the best reward as an educator.”

“She has built her Chinese language foundation since she was 6,” Chin added. “With hard work that she has put forth in the past 10 years, and with the support of her XinXing education teachers, she’ll do us proud.”

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