Hopkins students, staff bring “I Love to Read Month” to life

Throughout the month of February, students and staff across the District delved into the wonderful world of reading and dressed up as famous authors and book characters.
March 03, 2017

It’s not every day that your principal shows up as Ms. Frizzle or the assistant principal is buzzing around like Fly Guy. But in honor of “I Love to Read Month” coming to a close, Meadowbrook Elementary staff and teachers – including Principal Greta Evans-Becker and Assistant Principal Natalie Sawatzky – dressed up as their favorite book characters.

And they weren’t the only school having some fun in February. Schools across the District got in on the action. From inviting special guest readers into the classroom and promoting a month-long competitive reading challenge, to book bazaars and literacy swaps, students got their read on.

“It is important to help young learners be excited about this life long skill that will serve them well through out their whole life,” said Eisenhower Elementary second-grade teacher Mae Gruss. “We really promote reading at every level." 

In Eisenhower+XinXing classrooms, guest readers came from the Hopkins Community Education Department and the Hopkins Police Department, some were current teachers and staff, and even Superintendent John Schultz made an appearance. Students also participated in a Read-a-Thon through the first two weeks of February and clocked in over 395,000 hours of reading.

Tanglen Elementary also showed off their literacy pride with a group photo dressed as their favorite book character. Even the Tanglen Tigers themselves came to school decked out as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” and Things from “The Cat in the Hat,” among many others. The annual Book Bazaar was once again held at Gatewood Elementary, but Principal Mark French introduced a literacy swap to expand on the evening. Along with the book drive there were opportunities to learn more about authors, make bookmarks, and listen to children’s book authors. 

While “I Love to Read” month was only four weeks long, Hopkins educators work to enhance students’ reading abilities and foster their love of literature all year long.

“Reading is crucial to student success because they can apply literacy skills to other academic subjects, communicate with and share with others, learn about history, explore passions, and develop a lifelong skill,” Gatewood Elementary Principal Mark French said.

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