Hopkins Public Schools to participate in groundbreaking homelessness prevention project

Hopkins is one of the first communities in the nation to participate in this project, which is designed to prevent homelessness from ever happening.
September 16, 2019

What if we could prevent student homelessness before it begins?

This is the goal of Project Upstream Hopkins, a youth homelessness prevention effort we are piloting in grades 7-12. Partnering with MoveFwd (formerly Teens Alone) and Chapin Hall (a national leader in youth development research), we are proud to be one of the first communities in the U.S. to launch a project of this kind.

In Hopkins, approximately 140 youth and young adults experience homelessness each year. Based on an international model, Upstream aims to support students and families at risk of homelessness by connecting them to resources and support that puts them on the path to stable housing and help them stay in school.

What does it mean for families?

  • In late October, your student will be invited to participate in an online assessment to better understand their life in and out of school. The survey will be minimally disruptive to the school day.
  • Even if you don’t think your family might need those resources, it is important for your child to participate so that we can understand our student body as a whole. When we have a clear picture of the kinds of support our students need, we can strengthen our entire school community by bringing in the right resources.
  • All student responses will be confidential, and your student will not be asked to share family business with anyone at their school. Researchers will not know the names of students, and HPS will not know answers to individual questions.

We have taken careful steps to ensure student privacy, including pre-testing, youth input, and an internal review board to offer oversight. If you do not want your student to take this assessment or if you have questions about this survey or the project as a whole, you can contact Brian Stanley at 952-988-4389. To learn more about Upstream and its success in other communities, click here.

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