Hopkins orchestra students perform in University Honor Orchestra

Several Hopkins students were selected to perform in the Augsburg University Honor Orchestra under the direction of Augsburg orchestra conductor Dr. Rafael Rodriguez on April 6.
April 08, 2019

Twelve Hopkins High School Orchestra students participated in the Augsburg University Honor Orchestra on April 6. The students were selected to participate along with other high school participants nominated for the opportunity. The string players rehearsed throughout the day and performed a concert with Central and South American music conducted by Augsburg University orchestra conductor, Dr. Rafael Rodriguez.

"To create a world class music program, I'm always looking for opportunities for my students to have meaningful orchestra experiences beyond the classroom,” said Hopkins orchestra teacher Allison Swiggum. “It was a joy to watch the students excel and represent Hopkins at this honor orchestra performance."

Swiggum has collaborated with Rodriguez three other times this year and values the partnership they have created for students. He worked with Hopkins High School students twice in November and a third time with students and teachers from Costa Rica and Bolivia in February. The music teachers from Bolivia and Costa Rica led a rehearsal and presented traditional music selections from their countries, while the students from Costa Rica played alongside Hopkins orchestra members.

"The proudest moment I had that day was when some of our Hopkins orchestra students helped translate the Bolivian teacher's Spanish for their English speaking classmates," Swiggum said. "Thinking of the Hopkins Vision 2031, I was proud to offer students a global perspective in class that day. While we didn't travel to Bolivia or Costa Rica, students had an authentic experience with musicians from these countries."

Student participants in the Augsburg Honor Orchestra included, Moe Antar (12), Jenna Ashford (11), Emily Beard (12), Lin Boemer (10), Eli Brace (10), Ethan Gramowski (10), Meredith Johnson (11), Sophie Norman (11), Molly Robblee (12), Claudia Russell (9), Natalie Scanlon (10), and Cheyenne Wideman (10).

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