Hopkins High School students votes in statewide mock election

How do the mock election results of Hopkins High School compare to the rest of the state?
November 05, 2018

Hopkins High School students voted in a mock election hosted by the Office of Secretary of State last month. Minnesota Students Vote 2018 is the first statewide midterms mock election for Minnesota high school students.

There were a total of 460 voters in the Hopkins High School mock election. In Hopkins, Democratic candidates came out on top for the governor, attorney general, senator, and congressional representative races.

“We hold this vote to expose students to the upcoming election and the importance of voting,” said John Unruh-Friesen, Hopkins High School AP government teacher.

Participation in the mock election helped students gain perspective on what kind of voters are in the state. Students at Hopkins High School may have predominantly voted for Democrats, but there are a lot of other districts in Minnesota that voted for Republicans.

“In 2016 the student results predicted the presidential race would be close in Minnesota, but that Hillary Clinton would win the state,” Unruh-Friesen said. “It will be interesting this year to see if the student vote is again a bellwether for the election.”

The results from the statewide governor and lieutenant governor mock election showed a close race. As of Nov. 2 — with only 156 of 289 schools reporting — Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan (DFL) were ahead with 41 percent of the votes and Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom (GOP) were close behind with 31 percent of the votes. More information about the state mock election can be found here

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