Hopkins High School celebrates term three ‘Students of the Term’

Seventeen Hopkins High School students were recognized for their commitment to academics and school culture on April 9.
April 10, 2019

Hopkins High School recognized the outstanding achievements of 17 students on Tuesday, April 9. The students were nominated by staff members for their commitment to academics and school culture. This was the third recognition event of the school year.

Staff members spoke words of praise for each student who was nominated and then the students were handed a certificate of achievement. Principal Doug Bullinger said the students who were nominated display excellence in citizenship, scholarship and leadership.

One student per department is nominated for the third term achievement awards. The individual nominated is someone who embodies one or more of the following qualities: academic excellence, perseverance and fortitude, excellent citizenship, and overall improvement.

Term three Students of the Term

Riley Jouppi 
Lina Bergert 
Briana Beatty

Akhim Bangila
Annabel Cords
Skya Favor
Lizzy Whitrock
Amal Hassan
Will Stein
Eli Kenyon
Jon Wright
Molly Robblee
Danasia Kelly
Yakob Ekoue
Victoria Menge
Lia Harel
Zoe Sax

Hopkins High School Term 3 Recognition 2019

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