Hopkins High School celebrates 2019 grads with Senior Send Off

The Class of 2019 celebrated their last day of school by parading through their former elementary schools in their cap and gown, reminiscing about the “old days,” and eating a picnic on the football field.
June 04, 2019

On their last day of high school, Hopkins High School seniors picked up their cap and gown, went back to their elementary schools and paraded through the hallways lined with students cheering and applauding their accomplishment.

“It feels like we were just there yesterday honestly, and to be there was just kind of shocking to see how far we’ve all come,” senior Manav Mirpuri said. “It was a jumping off point — like, I’ve made it this far and now this is the final send off.”

After picking up their cap and gown, seniors were bused to their former elementary school buildings. The pending graduates were welcomed into the building with cheers and congratulations from former teachers and current elementary students.

“I love this day with the Senior Walk,” said Greta Evan-Becker, principal at Meadowbrook Elementary. “The little kids are so excited to see the big kids in their caps and gowns—they’re just clapping and cheering and high-fiving...it’s just a wonderful feel good day!”

After walking through the halls, the seniors went out to the elementary school playground where they interacted with the younger students, talked to their former teachers, and reminisced about the “old days” with their friends.

“It was really nostalgic just seeing all the kids and remembering what it was like to be a student there,” senior Sagit Nachmias said.

The Senior Send Off Celebration concluded back at the high school where students were treated to a picnic, music, and yearbook signing on the football field.

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