Hopkins High School and North Junior High spread the love with friendship pins

Students at HHS and NJH have made friendship pins to remind students and staff that everyone is part of the Hopkins family.
February 14, 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day and students at North Junior High and Hopkins High School are spreading warm fuzzies with Hopkins Love pins. Students have assembled the “friendship pins” as a visual reminder of inclusiveness.

“We want everyone who wears one to remember that they are loved and matter, just as they are,” said Carleen Matts, NJH English teacher.

At Hopkins, we celebrate diversity. There are staff and students with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, but it makes up the Hopkins community. The pins are a symbol that everyone belongs to the same family.

The friendship pin idea was sparked by the writing journey of Matts and Hopkins High School Spanish teacher Lisa Shaffner Sohn. They wrote a book together called #EXTRAOrdinary: Ride the Waves and Share Your Story, about the highs and lows of being middle-aged women and the wisdom they’ve gained with age. During their writing journey, they talked about the ‘80s trend of wearing friendship pins, and thought it would be fun to bring it back.

“Even the smallest things can make a great impact on the world, and we never know how far of reach a simple act of kindness will have,” Shaffner Sohn said. “This is one of the greatest lessons we have the privilege of teaching.”

NJH and HHS students have also made pins for students at West Junior High as a special gift.

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