Hopkins students, staff welcome the best school year ever

The 2017-18 school year started off without a hitch on Tuesday, Sept. 5, with nearly 7,000 students filling classrooms across the District.
September 05, 2017

We’re gearing up for the best school year ever, and on Tuesday, Sept. 5, that got under way as nearly 7,000 students filled classrooms across the Hopkins Public School District.

The start of the 2017-18 school year came with sunny skies, welcome brigades, new and improved classrooms, 47new teachers, and an excited faculty that stood ready to teach. Principals held open the front doors, walked students to classes, even hosted kindergarten-visiting days. At Hopkins High School, students enjoyed a cookout complete with burgers on the grill.

New Superintendent Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed caravanned across the District, visiting all nine school sites, including the Harley Hopkins Early Childhood and Family Center. (Check out her journey on our Twitter page with the hashtag #RidinWithRhoda.) She met with students and staff, talked at assemblies, and soaked in the welcoming environment.

With our renewed vision of inclusivity, it is our mission to provide a safe, positive learning environment for everyone. Whether you’re a senior in high school, looking forward to the challenges of the next grade, or are brand new to our District, you belong in Hopkins.

Check out our Twitter page or visit #HPSFirstDay to see what Day One looked like here in Royal country. 

View photos from the #HPSFirstDay of school

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