Alice Smith Elementary unveils collaborative, colorful, and cultural mosaic

Appropriately named the Mosaic Mural, the artwork adorns the school’s wall and represents the talents and cultures of all 90 sixth-grade students. It was an endeavor funded by a Hopkins Education Foundation grant.
June 06, 2017

Made of up students that represent a myriad of cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities, Alice Smith Elementary School fosters a community environment that celebrates diversity. And now its mission of inclusion and acceptance is displayed in art form as a giant mural. The mural is a gift from the outgoing sixth-grade class and was unveiled on the last day of school, June 1.

Appropriately named the Mosaic Mural, the artwork features the talents of the sixth-grade class and is all about empowerment, teamwork, and community building. Students took the lead on planning and designing the project, and learned a little bit about project management in the process. “In a mosaic, each of the pieces looks better because of the color of the pieces surrounding it,” the mural reads. “Each of us can be better because of the people around us. This is our dream. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Through generous funding from a Hopkins Education Foundation grant, students were able to complete the mural. All 90 sixth-graders’ artistic talents are incorporated into the mural, as are the flags of 26 different countries, important cultural symbols, and uplifting words of empowerment. The mural, school officials said, is a permanent reminder to the community that strength is found when people work together.

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