Heart-O-Grams serenade nearly 600 Royals on Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, students received singing Heart-O-Grams complete with a special message and flower.
February 14, 2019

A total of 598 Heart-O-Grams were delivered to Royals at Hopkins High School in the spirit of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. The annual tradition was a hit with students and staff. Each recipient was serenaded by song and gifted a special message and flower.

Staff and students look forward to this day each year because they know Heart-O-Grams will be coming throughout the day.

“It sets such a positive vibe for the day,” said Katie Irvin, Hopkins High School choir teacher. “The whole building is excited, especially in the dead of winter or after the couple of weeks we’ve had—you get a little smile on your face and things aren’t so serious.”

This year, six groups signed up to deliver Heart-O-Grams on Valentine’s Day. They chose their own groups, songs, and style which resulted in a display of lots of creativity and talent. Each group delivered around 25 Heart-O-Grams per class period.

Heart-O-Grams act as the largest fundraiser for the choir department. The funds go toward things like choir festivals, scholarships, and more.

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