Glen Lake Walk-a-Thon fundraiser sets school record, raises over $40,000

A clever video got the wheels in motion for what would be Glen Lake Elementary school’s highest-grossing Walk-a-Thon fundraiser in school history.
October 09, 2017

A little rain didn’t dampen the spirits of Glen Lake Elementary students and staff on Friday, Oct. 6, for the annual Walk-a-Thon fundraiser. And thanks to a clever promotional video and dedication of the school community, this year’s event is the highest grossing in school history.

The hallmark of the Walk-a-Thon is the class-by-class walk around the school campus, but before this was even finished, the running fundraising tally was well over $35,000. And by Monday morning, the final total was just over $40,000.

“The enthusiasm and effort that our students and families put forth for this fundraising event is incredibly impressive,” said Principal Jeff Radel.

The school kicked off fundraising in September with a promotional video—produced by Glen Lake parents Sonja Jasansky, Andrew Nawrot, and Amy Bisbee—outlining the different fundraising levels and incentives. Principal Radel took on the quirky personas of many characters, including a young boy selling products, an elderly lady, a chocolate fiend, and an “overly eager fitness nerd.” (Watch the fun video.)

The original goal was $25,000, but the addition of incentive levels was too good to pass up. If students raised over $30,000, teachers Scott Stillman, Billy Barringer, Anne Kuffel, and Julie Schlecht, along with Radel himself, would sleep on the roof. But if they raised over $35,000, Radel would also have to wear the fitness nerd costume for an entire day.

True to his word, on Tuesday Radel will sport the fitness nerd costume and sleep on the roof with his colleagues.

“This event does not happen without the time and commitment of our parent volunteers,” Radel added. “It’s a lot of fun to see our school community come together to achieve this goal.”

All money raised from the Walk-a-Thon fundraiser goes back to the school to fund education projects and materials for the students. Over the years money from the fundraiser has purchased the school’s weather bug, upgraded the media center, improved the playground, and provided annual funding for each grade.

Roof Update: Principal Radel, Mr. Barringer and Mr. Stillman survive the night

Temperatures dipped into the 30s overnight on Tuesday, Oct. 10, giving Principal Jeff Radel and teachers Billy Barringer and Scott Stillman a chilly campout on top of the Glen Lake Elementary roof. Nearby, teachers Anne Kuffel, and Julie Schlecht slept in a camper.

The unconventional camping trip was in celebration of the school raising over $40,000 during the annual Walk-a-Thon fundraiser. Radel said the weather last year was slightly warmer, but incredibly windy, adding the calmer weather this year helped the trio sleep better.

Families and students from the school stopped by Tuesday evening for a few bedtime stories and pizza, and then returned early Wednesday morning to greet the teachers. View more pictures.

Glen Lake Walk-a-Thon 2017

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