Glen Lake students deliver cards to local seniors

As part of a service learning project, Glen Lake students made cards for residents at local senior communities.
April 17, 2019

Glen Lake Elementary students brought smiles to local residents of senior living communities April 16. The students delivered cards that they had made as part of a school-wide service learning project.

“We decided to take small groups of students to deliver cards to make the experience more meaningful for everyone—kids are very excited to hand cards to people to brighten their day, and the senior communities are eager for our visit,” said Dee Den Hartog, Glen Lake Elementary school counselor.

Glen Lake students made about 400 homemade cards in total. A small group of students delivered the notes to residents at Emerald Crest, The Glenn, Elder Homestead, Landings of Minnetonka, and Beacon Hill.

Hartog said that the students created the kind cards as part of their Den Day gatherings. Dens are Glen Lake groups made up of about 20 students from grades K-6. The groups allows students to develop relationships across grade levels.

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