Get Ready Training prepares students for future

The program is part of a Twin West Youth Skills Training funded by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.
December 13, 2018

Students taking technology education at Hopkins High School are now better prepared for their future after completing the Get Ready Training on Thursday, Dec. 6. The training is part of a partnership between Twin West Chamber and local school districts. The goal is to provide employment training for student learners in high-growth, high-demand occupations. Twin West Youth Skills Training Program was awarded a $95,000 grant by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to develop and implement paid learning opportunities for students 16 years of age and older.

“These grants allow high schools, businesses and community organizations to work together to train students and create skilled workers for their communities,” said Ken Peterson, DLI commissioner.

A dozen students who are interested in internships attended the required training session during a non-school day. They learned tips for job interviews, problem-solving in the workplace, networking, and more. They even came away with a completed resume for future use.

“Even if you never do an internship, it’s still valuable training because you will work someday and this is good background information to have,” said Tim Amlie, technology education instructor at Hopkins High School.

Amlie said information technology and manufacturing are two industries in need of skilled workers. The Get Ready Training focused on exposing students to jobs in those markets. The program connects students with internships at local companies and provides access to hands-on training opportunities.

The Get Ready Training is a program that fits well with the Great to World Class initiative in Hopkins. Every child in Hopkins deserves the best and the Get Ready Training supports our belief in increasing job market connections and educating learners 0-21.

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