Everyone is reading at Alice Smith Elementary

The All School Read event means that everyone in the school community reads a book at the same time.
November 08, 2018

It’s rare to find a room full of silent children, let alone an entire building. So what would make an elementary school so silent that you can hear a pencil drop when it hits the ground? At Alice Smith Elementary, the answer is an All School Read.

“Books were given to everyone in our school including teachers, kitchen staff, custodians, playground paras — everyone,” said Melissa Gausmann, Alice Smith literacy coach. “We hope to model a joy for reading to students and families.”

The All School Read is an event in which everyone in the school community reads a book at the same time. Two books about the same story were chosen: students in grades K-2 will read “For the Right to Learn,” and students in grades 3-6 will read, “I am Malala.” Every day reading runs through Nov. 23 with opportunities to participate in discussions along the way.

“We believe reading at home matters,” Gausmann said. “When students read just 20 minutes every day, it not only improves reading, but overall academic success.”

The event kicked off with the release of a parody Twilight Zone video on Nov. 5. The video follows a new teacher coming to a seemingly typical school on his first day. When he enters his classroom, his finds his students participating in unusual behavior, and as he explores the school, he finds that this behavior is a school-wide reading epidemic. Watch the entire video below.

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