Hopkins competes in Envirothon regional competition

Three Hopkins teams qualified for the state Envirothon competition after placing in the top three of the regional competition.
May 16, 2019

Hopkins High and Junior High competed at the Envirothon regional competition on May 2. Three of the eight teams will participate in the State Envirothon competition on May 20 at Oliver Kelley Farm in Elk River.

"They all did a lot of hard work and put in the time and the results showed," said John Sammler, Hopkins teacher and advisor of the Envirothon teams. "I am proud of their work."

Hopkins sent five senior level teams and three junior level teams. The teams in the junior high competition don't have a state qualifying round, but they did well.

Envirothon is an environmental education competition for high school students in grades 9-12. Teams visit six different learning stations covering aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife and a current environmental topic that changes every year. Students are also required to give a brief oral presentation to a panel of judges based on that year's environmental topic.

Senior Level

First Place
Briana Beatty
Ruth Vogel
Zoe Sax
Gabriella Rice
Emma Coen-Pesch

Second Place
Carmen Boerboom
Lucy Le
Lauren Krake
Sophie Christenson
Freddy Esters

Third Place
Lizzy Sirianni
Manav Mirpuri
Emma Kurus
Sarah Hoffman
Renee Troutman

Fifth Place
Felix Fettig
Hannah Black
Ben Rosenquist
Dom Valentini
Corinne Lowmanstone

Sixth Place
Shoshanna Peifer
Isabella Feitl
Holly Den Hartog
Elena Rosko
Rosella Birgy

Junior Level

First Place
Grace Weil
Jeffrey Vang
Andrew SEgal
Paige Porter

Second Place
Marit Erickson
Jackson Risser
Oscar Wolfe
Ally Butz
Eitan Sacks

Fourth Place
Oscar Tix
Lila Turner
Sophia Bukingolts
Orrin Vogel


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