Change to Chill Week is Sept. 10-14

Find out how Hopkins High School is celebrating the kickoff of this great partnership with Allina Health to help reduce stress for students.
September 11, 2018

Hopkins High School will recognize Change to Chill Week, Sept. 10-14, by engaging in a variety of activities to create a stress-free week that will kick off the 2018-19 Change to Chill School Partnership between Hopkins Public Schools and Allina Health.

Change to Chill is a program geared toward helping students manage stress and find balance so they are more likely to thrive and less likely to face health problems like anxiety, depression, and other issues. Hopkins High was one of nine schools, and the only school in Hennepin County, to be selected for the program.

Programming during the 2018-19 school year will provide activities, lessons and resources for teens, parents and educators aimed at building resilience through mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, and gratitude practice.

Change to Chill is a free online resource helping users understand what stress is, what causes it and how to manage it. Simple tools to manage stress are accessible at no cost on their website,

Change to Chill Week activities

Each day of the week will reflect a certain aspect of the Change to Chill website that youth could benefit from.

In the Moment Monday - Video: What is mindfulness? - Rescheduled for Friday 
In the lunchroom/commons, a photo booth with cutout Instagram frames to capture the moment will be held.

Tech-Free Tuesday - Challenge students to be off their phones for 10 minutes during the day. (homeroom, lunch, etc.)

Wellness Wednesday - Watch a short meditation video located on the Change to Chill website.

Thankful Thursday - Students will express their gratitude on the gratitude wall located in the lunchroom/commons.

Fun Friday - During students’ lunch period, they will have the opportunity to receive a water bottle, stress ball and heating pack for completing the activities during the ‘chill week.’

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