Change to Chill program expands to West Junior High

Student WEB leaders learned how to implement Change to Chill into their mentor groups at a training session on Nov. 13.
November 14, 2018

A number of ninth-graders at West Junior High learned to chill on Nov. 13. Allina Health’s Kaila Jordan stopped by the school to train a group of students in the Change to Chill program so that they can share it with their peers.

A total of 47 student Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) leaders were trained. These students act as mentors to seventh-grade students. The training provides students a tool tailored to the mentoring program.

Change to Chill is a program geared toward helping students manage stress and find balance. According to the most recent Minnesota Student Survey, one in five students indicated symptoms of depression. Stress is normal, but when it becomes excessive it can start to affect the human body. Change to Chill helps students find ways to destress and self-regulate.

Three students from Hopkins High School also presented their experience with Change to Chill as interns over the summer. During the internship Lexi Riley, Nimo Gelle, and Karina Lara tested stress-management strategies and reported back on their overall effectiveness. They also helped develop tips for mentors and mentees, which will be given to junior-high students to help them get the most out of the program.

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