Legatt accepts Carpenter ‘Teacher of the Year Award’ at BestPrep luncheon

North Junior High School’s library media specialist, Jen Legatt, was awarded for her her commitment and and dedication to children.
May 28, 2019
Best Prep

Jen Legatt, North Junior High School's library media specialist, was honored with the Carpenter Teacher of the Year Award at the BestPrep annual luncheon on May 23.

"This comes as no surprise to those of us that get to work and learn from her every day—she is, quite simply, amazing," said Becky Melville, principal at Hopkins North Junior High School.

Legatt has worked in Hopkins for five years. She uses her role as library media specialist to connect with both students and teachers in a way that supports learning at the junior high. She works hard to keep the media center an inviting and active learning space.

"I love making connections with students," Legatt said. "Through their years in middle school, we can watch them transform. I love getting to know what they love to read. When a student's spark is lit, their energy and passion for learning is fun to watch."

The award is named for Joan Carpenter, who was a teacher in the Robbinsdale School District for more than 25 years. Each year, BestPrep recognizes a teacher who embodies Joan's dedication and commitment to children.

BestPrep is a nonprofit organization that partners with educators and people who provide educational programs for students in grades 4-12. Legatt has worked with the BestPrep organization for 15 years. She is one of the technology integrations specialists for their summer professional development program.

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