183 Hopkins students earn AP Scholar awards

Hopkins Public Schools is proud to announce that 183 students earned AP (Advanced Placement) Scholar Honors from the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college level AP exams.
November 01, 2018

Hopkins Public Schools is proud to announce that 183 students earned AP (Advanced Placement) Scholar Honors from the College Board in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college level AP exams. This number increased 37 students from last year, when 146 students received similar honors. 
Students take AP exams in the spring, and the results are disclosed in the fall. Of the students who received honors, 73 are current juniors or seniors.

John Sammler, advanced studies coordinator at Hopkins High School, attributes the increase of AP Scholars to a combination of hardworking students and intentional efforts at Hopkins High School to enroll more students to rigorous classroom experiences.

"Hopkins has been pushing to expand student options in advanced placement courses for many years now," said Sammler. "There are more AP choices for students than ever, and this means students are taking more AP classes and starting earlier in their academic career."

Hopkins High School has a strong partnership with the Advanced Placement program. Currently five high-school teachers are certified to be National AP exam readers. Having AP exam readers involved in the Hopkins AP program creates relevant curriculum that is closely aligned with the expectations of the National College Board. Teachers who participate in the AP exam-reading process inevitably come back to the classroom with a fresh perspective and a better understanding of how to present their curriculum.

The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on the number of exams taken and scores received. The AP program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP exams.

There are several categories of AP Awards including AP Scholar (score of 3 or higher on three exams), AP Scholar with Honors (score of 3.25 or higher on three exams), AP Scholars with Distinction (average score of 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and score 3 or higher on five or more exams) and National AP Scholar (average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams).

"We're incredibly proud of our students for the work they put into the class and for their performance on their AP exams," said Doug Bullinger, principal of Hopkins High School. "They are among the many Hopkins High School students who are preparing themselves for the next level of education, and I'm certain that their success will continue long after they leave us."

Hopkins students were well represented in all categories.

Eighty-Seven students qualified for AP Scholar awards, with 43 being current juniors or seniors. They are:

Kira Bergstresser
Rosella Birgy
Camille Clarke
Aisha Dem
Delanna Do 

Mason Donat
Lavin Douglass
Brian DuVal
Isabella Feitl
Stuart Fish
Joshua Friedman 

Emma Galinson
Sydney Galinson
Isaac Gotlieb

Sam Jonas
Nicholas Kanitz
Gabriel Kemper
Joseph Klein
Evan Komschlies
Matthew Kovelan
Blake Kukowski 

Elizabeth Longar
Rebekka Lovelace
Molly Meland
Elena Miller
Manav Mirpuri
Mary O'Neil
Riley O'Neil
Kristen Powell
Lily Provenzano
Alice Radtke
Saralee Reed
Elena Rosko
Catherine Saari
Jacob Sandler
Jacob Savitz
Zoe Sax
Mary Schutte
Jackson Stichter
Madeline Suk
Grace Wallace-Jackson
Madeleine Whittey
Alicia Winter

Thirty-two students qualified for AP Scholar with Honors, with 20 being current junior or seniors. They are: 

Ladan Abdi 

Zachary Aleckson
Maddie Bernt
Carmen Boerboom
Sophie Goldenberg
Lia Harel
Laura Hinck
Morgan Hirshman
Sarah Hoffman
Lauren Krake
Jessica Melnik 

Amelia Merfeld
Hannah Mickelson
Sagit Nachmias 

Shoshanna Peifer
Dante Reminick
Molly Robblee
Penn Sagedahl
Nikolas Smith
Erin Weiss

Fifty-seven students qualified for AP Scholar with Distinction, with 10 being current students. They are:

Anna Anderson
Briana Beatty 

Lola Brown
Sam Buttress
Farrah Fettig
Lukas Hering
Elliot Saxena
Samuel Sikkink
Elizabeth Sirianni
Lily Zdechlik

Finally, seven students qualified for National AP Scholar awards. Each of these students received this honor in their senior year of high school; therefore, they have all graduated. These students are: 

Emma Buttress
Lily Den Hartog
Isaac Eng
Nika Issaenko
Jasper Johnson
Michael Korsh and 
Kelson Rauser.

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