All-Star Students recognized at Alice Smith on Nov. 9

Program calls out students for consistently challenging themselves and striving to improve.
November 15, 2018

Alice Smith Elementary principal Jody De St. Hubert recognized students in 31 different categories as part of their All-Star Student program on Nov. 9. Students attended a morning breakfast ceremony with their families, where they received a certificate with their name on it and a medal for their accomplishment.

The program is designed to help celebrate students who are consistently challenging themselves and striving to improve.

“It has also encouraged students to set goals and make plans to achieve them,” said De St. Hubert. “It is motivating and empowering for our students to accomplish something that means a lot to them and that they have worked hard on.”

A welcome breakfast and ceremony for the nominated students and their families is held three times per year. Students recognized on Nov. 9 are listed below:

Emiliano Grande
Avinash Manepalli

Saif O.
Divyanshi Dash
Cordelia Karls
Oliver Craig

First Grade
Fatima Jobe
Amariah Warren
Laila Parrish

Second Grade
Greyson Cook
Mariely Amaro Castillo
Angela Palm

Third Grade
Noah Bartells
Sophia Gomez Valenzuela
Cindi Yusuf

Fourth Grade
Diana Palm
Munthir Rashid
Elijah Bass

Fifth Grade
Coco Pawlos
Chloe Jarosz-Beach
Uriel Vergara-Sanchez

Sixth Grade
Aideyn Souvannarath
Emma Schwalen

Angela Diamond
Jack Lakin
Vocal Music
Audrey Erm
Willow Otto
Anna Stafford
Henry Molepske
Jessica Andres Garcia
Lincoln From

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