A concert for our youngest learners

November 01, 2012

‘Twas the night before Halloween and all through the Mall, many creatures were stirring - some not very tall. Music director Andrew Bast led the Hopkins High School Orchestra through another successful Young People's Concert. The tradition brings together young children in the community and admirable high school students for a silly, exciting, and inspiring night of kid-friendly activities and theme music. 

Songs from Disney movies, classics like Do-Re-Mi, and even the Harry Potter theme song echoed through the halls around the Mall. "I get a lot of enjoyment just working on this concert with the kids and then bringing it to an audience of really young ones," Bast said.

Snuggly blankets, stuffed animals, and footie pajamas were sprawled out on the floors in front of the orchestra. If kids were not taking in the comfortable atmosphere and exciting music, they definitely were participating in some of the other activities.

The young ones lined up to get ghosts and pumpkins painted on their faces as well as balloons twisted into their favorite shapes. Before the concert, kids had the opportunity to play an orchestra instrument with the help of a friendly high school student. During the concert, Bast even allowed a few volunteer children to conduct the orchestra.

Without a doubt, the value of this concert is immeasurable in connecting children and teenagers throughout the community. It is truly one of the most popular and unique traditions at Hopkins Public Schools.


Hopkins High School Orchestra's "Young People's Concert" from Hopkins Public Schools on Vimeo.

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