September 2018 Community Spirit

Shayne Fettig-Hughes

The District’s Great to World Class initiative inspired Shayne Fettig-Hughes to support the Royal Reps in their community survey efforts over the summer. Her background in survey design and analysis, especially with qualitative research, helped the Royal Reps in understanding the data they collected.

“I volunteer for programs that inspire me or provide enrichment for my children, and seek volunteer and work opportunities that complement my education and work experience,” Fettig-Hughes said.

She appreciates that leaders in the District are working positively to impact student culture and promote a sense of belonging and inclusion in the schools.

Q: People would be surprised …
At the lengths I go to when helping my children explore their interests.

Q: I volunteer for many reasons, but ... 
The larger one is to be a part of a broader community effort for positive change. I value education and actively seek enrichment opportunities for my children, and love to extend those opportunities to other students as well.

Q: What person has influenced you the most? 
The person who influenced me to volunteer was Dr. Rhoda Mhiripiri-Reed. I first met her at a school coffee event in August 2017, where she connected warmly with parents and impressed me with her genuine desire to make our schools better.