Equity Options Busing Program

Until 2012, the Minnesota Department of Education sponsored The Choice Is Yours (TCIY) program — a school choice program for families who qualified for free or reduced-priced lunches and lived in the city of Minneapolis. This open enrollment program offered qualifying families from Minneapolis more options to attend schools in outlying suburbs.  From the beginning, Hopkins Public Schools voluntarily participated in this program.  

When the TCIY program ended in 2012, Hopkins Public Schools chose to continue its Minneapolis busing program to provide eligible students access to the District’s quality education options. In 2017, the program was renamed as the Equity Options Busing Program.


To participate in the Equity Options Busing Program, students must meet two criteria:

  1. The student and parent/guardian must live in North Minneapolis
  2. The student must qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

If both criteria are met, the student is eligible for the Equity Options Busing Program. This open enrollment busing program provides transportation to and from school. Program eligibility will be confirmed once a student has been approved for open enrollment. 

If you are unsure of your child's eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch, please visit the Hopkins Food & Nutrition Services webpage. For additional assistance, contact the Hopkins Public Schools Nutrition office at 952-988-4060.


For questions on the Equity Options Busing Program, please contact: 

Carolina Lloyd