Enrollment Form

Enroll your student in Hopkins Public Schools

Thank you for choosing our school community. We can't wait to meet you! Please complete your student enrollment form below.

Important before starting your enrollment form:

If you would like to Open Enroll, want Elementary Chinese or Spanish immersion, VirtualEDU K-12 online learning, or make an In-District Transfer, please complete an application form for that program and wait approval before starting the enrollment form.

Your child's school will contact you with your student's start date.

Documents required in order for your student's enrollment to be complete:

A proof of residency is required for Hopkins School District Residents.
All families living in the Hopkins School District are required by the State of Minnesota to provide a proof of residency such as a utility bill, apartment rental lease agreement, or home purchase agreement. Important to note: Your child's enrollment is placed on hold until we receive proof of residency. If you have questions about your unique household situation, please contact the enrollment office for guidance. 

Birth certificates (or passport) and immunization records are required for each kindergarten student and students who are new to the U.S. These requirements come from the State of Minnesota. Important to note: Your child's enrollment is placed on hold until we receive these documents.

Other items to gather before starting the enrollment form

Before you begin, please gather the following documents. You will be able to upload a photo or scan of the documents while completing the online form.

  • Household Information: home address and parent/guardian phone numbers.
  • Proof of ResidencyImportant  your child's enrollment will remain pending until we receive proof of residency. 
    • Utility bill (gas, electrical, or water) or other residential bill delivered within last 30 days.
    • Original copy of either a current (signed) lease/rental agreement or purchase agreement for home.
  • Parent Information: work and cell phone numbers, email addresses.
  • Student Information: 
    • Original birth certificate or passport (required for kindergarten and students new to the U.S.)
    • Health/medication information
    • Immunization records
    • Previous school information
    • Early childhood screening record (kindergarten only)
  • Emergency Contact Information: names, phone numbers, and addresses of people we can contact when we can't reach a parent/guardian.

Required fields in the online form are marked with a red asterisk. The District will receive the information exactly as you enter it into the forms. 

Hopkins K-12 Student Enrollment Form:


If you live outside the Hopkins School District

If your address is not in the Hopkins School District boundary, you must complete an Open Enrollment application as your first step. Your enrollment form will not be processed until the Open Enrollment Application is submitted and you are offered a space. Visit the Open Enrollment page here.