Teach a Youth Class or Camp

Do you have an interest, craft, skill, or hobby that you would like to share?

Tell us about it! We want to hear your idea for a great youth enrichment class or camp for fall, winter-spring, or summer programming. Popular offerings include: cooking, drama, dance, golf, art, crafts, computers, photography, speech/debate, and robotics, mechanics, language camps, woodworking, sports, reading, math, or science enrichment. The possibilities are endless!
Contact Andrea Sjogren for more information: Andrea.Sjogren@HopkinsSchools.org

Summer teaching opportunities!

Summer enrichment classes take place throughout the summer. We are looking for a variety of Monday-Thursday camps for kids ages 3-6 and youth in grades K-6. We will work with your busy schedule when you are available to teach.

Summer camp counselors are needed each year!

Please contact Jen Kopischke, Youth Programs Supervisor, in January to learn more about opportunities to work as a counselor or a counselor-in-training at summer Camp Royal.  Jennifer.Kopischke@hopkinsschools.org