Summer Hop-Kids activities for youth ages 3-6

Summer Hop-Kids activities for youth ages 3-6

Hop-Kids: Preschool-Age Play & Learn!

Preschool-age activities brought to you by Hopkins Public Schools Community Education and Hopkins-Minnetonka Recreation Services.

Hop-Kids was created for preschool-age children to provide opportunities for playing and learning that are fun, nurturing, and safe. Our classes offer an introduction to a variety of sport fundamentals, play adventures, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills taught by passionate instructors who encourage curiosity, discovery, and problem-solving in a stimulating, structured, and fun environment.

Hop-Kids Summer 2019

Families can register for Hop-Kids with either Hopkins Community Education or Hopkins-Minnetonka Recreation Services (Please note: Hopkins-Minnetonka Recreation Services Summer 2019 Hop-Kids registration opens in March, Hopkins Community Education registration is now open) – whichever is more convenient for you. Summer activities and the summer catalog will be available for registration in February.