Kaleidoscope Preschool

Part-day, 2-5 days per week preschool

New – register online!  Applications are being accepted for the 2017-18 program year.  Call us at 952.988.5000 for up-to-date class section openings.

Half-Day Flexibility

Kaleidoscope Preschool offers parents a choice of classes for children ages 3 to 5, at three locations: Harley Hopkins Family Center, Meadowbrook Elementary, and Glen Lake Elementary. Our school year program runs September-May. Kaleidoscope Summer Adventures summer program begins in June.

2017-18 Extended-day and Wrap-around Childcare Options for your 4-5 year old.

We are excited to offer families flexible extended care options at three sites starting in fall 2017.
Families of 4-5 year olds who choose the Kaleidoscope preschool program at the Harley Hopkins Family Center or Meadowbrook sites can add a-la-carte care options before and/or after their child’s preschool session. Ready 4 K families will also have before and after preschool care options at the Eisenhower site.
Your 4-5 year old child is welcome to join our childcare options, even if he is not enrolled in our preschools!
Choose one of our afternoon childcare options. Your child will enjoy this engaging social experience and develop familiarity with Hopkins early childhood programs.
Click to learn more about extended-day care options.
Extended day and Wrap-around childcare registration opens February 10, 2017.

Our many options include:

  • 2, 3 or 5 half-days per week.
  • Morning or afternoon sessions.
  • New!  8 week Saturday AM classes!
  • Classes for 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Multi-age classes for 3 to 5 year olds.
  • Year-Before-Kindergarten sections.
  • Inclusive preschool classes with the Hopkins Early Childhood Special Education Program at Harley Hopkins.
  • A four-week summer program called Summer Adventures, details below.

Children learn through play as well as experiences planned to promote their social, emotional, cognitive, ethical, and physical growth.

See registration materials below, or call 952-988-5000 for more information on registration deadlines, application forms, and tuition fees.

Register Online!  Information and applications for the 2017-18 program year are now available: download the 2017-18 PDF or register online.  

Kaleidoscope Preschool's Summer Adventures program offers engaging, hands-on learning experiences with books, writing activities, music, science, art, dramatic and outdoor play. Summer Adventures classes are held at the Harley Hopkins Family Center. 



Registration for Kaleidoscope Preschool for 2017-18

Registration information for the 2017-18 School year

Kaleidoscope Preschool Parent Handbook (pdf, 127 KB)

This brochure gives you information on all of our policies - including late pick up fees, weather policy and more.

Kaleidoscope Philosophy

In-depth information about the philosophy of our program.

2016-17 Forms and Parent Information for Kaleidoscope Preschool

Once registered, the following forms are necessary for your child to begin class.

Required Immunizations Before Entering Preschool (pdf, 189 KB)


Parents, your child must be up-to-date with their immunizations as they enter our classes.  Here is a handy guide to the required shots.